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It’s the OTHER early PlayStation title with a demented clown mascot! Shoot countless waves of goons cuz you’re CrAzY, and it’s the 90’s, so cRaZy is cool!

Pokémon Red & Blue (Game Boy)

I wanna be… the very best… like many people before me already were!
I know I’m late… to pass this test… but you can’t play every game ever! PO-KE-MON!

Wolfenstein 3D (SNES)

Not everyone had access to an appropriate computer in the early 90s, so if you wanted to slay Nazis but only had a Super Nintendo, id made sure you were still covered.


True 3D visuals offer the realest Myst yet.

Terminator 2: Chess Wars

A Battle Chess clone based on the Terminator franchise. I’m sure teaching a computer how to strategize, analyze, and make military decisions will have no unforeseen consequences at all.


Arman is back from space and he is PISSED. Fight a fascist regime in a stylized FPS using Marathon 2’s engine.