Closing In On #500

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s to you, our beloved readers, and once again, thank you for your patronage! According to the fine folks at Abandoned Places (i.e., just Rik at this point), we here at Just Games Retro are sitting at 497 reviews, just three away from #500! And with such a momentous milestone rapidly approaching, we want to put it out there to our fans, what game should take that spot?

Any system, any genre, any developer, just put a suggestion in the comments! Maybe your pick will be JGR’s 500th review! Thanks in advance, and thank you again for keeping the lights on here long enough to reach such a hallowed figure!

15 thoughts on “Closing In On #500

  1. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

    Starfox 2 (now that it’s officially released!)

    Heart of Darkness

    Star Wars: Rebel Strike (Rogue Squadron 3)


    Final Fantasy 7


  2. Uniracers (SNES)
    Future Wars (DOS – probably others)
    Mines of Titan (DOS – probably others)
    Blackthorne (SNES)
    Earl Weaver Baseball (DOS, Amiga)
    Dirt Trax FX (SNES)

  3. Without giving anything away about the inner workings of APlaces that count is very, er, manual and could well be wrong. Where sites have their own count I do double-check occasionally! According to the review list here there’s well over 500 entries but I think possibly some DOS/Windows releases appear twice…

    Some good suggestions here but I think these milestones are an excuse to cover a big favourite of your own!

    1. According to the dashboard count, the last review (In The 1st Degree) would have been #500. Maybe I’ll delete a terrible old review to make the next one official. 😛

      Thanks for noticing the milestone, Dave! I really appreciate how much you’re doing for the site!

      1. Whoops. I can’t help but feel slightly responsible…

        Unless posts like this count in the total?! No. I’m clutching at straws.

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