Latest Reviews

Meat Puppet

Lotos Abstraction has a bomb in her belly and a mission to kill some future CEOs. Too bad she’s just as hard to control as her attitude.


Explore a huge overworld and its many dungeons and cities in this start of the classic CRPG series.


Blast demons on Mars – but be smart about it! – in this influential legend from 1993.

Mission: Impossible

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to guide three IMF agents past some cartoonish traps.

Emergency Room 2

Despite the name, it’s not a sequel to Emergency Room, but a Windows 98 remake/release. Try to cure 50 patients in a realistic medical sim with enough teaching tools to be accessible to laypeople.

Iron Soldier

Probably the most advanced looking title out of the Jaguar’s early releases, stomp tanks and smash buildings as a 42 foot tall armed mech.