Mega Drive Mega Challenge

I’m in the mood for some 16-bit hijinks, but every title in the library is looking the same to me. So, let’s try a little challenge:

In the comments section below, give me a Genesis/Mega Drive title that you’d like to see me yammer on about. Good game, bad game, the reasons don’t matter. Sports games, adventure games, whatever you’d like to read about. Yes, even RPGs, though those will require much more time (so, if you have something else…)

Every person who comments gets one title. The first five titles will be – well, not exactly the next five reviews (since I have some already in progress) but close enough. If you suggest more than one title, the first one listed gets used.

If this works out well (and it did for Halloween) then we’ll do this again for other systems. Meantime, let’s hear what you want to read about!

13 thoughts on “Mega Drive Mega Challenge

      1. Alright, Mega Drive only. The one I’d be most interested in is:

        Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

        This is an RPG, though, which you don’t seem to be too thrilled about. It looks quite interesting as it does not seem to be a straight port of the computer game of the same name, but rather a “reimagined” version and I would be curious how it holds up.

        If that is too much to ask, the KOEI games would be great choices as well:

        Romance of the Three Kingdoms
        Nobunaga’s Ambition
        Uncharted Waters
        Genghis Khan
        Liberty of Death

        Another classic wargame:


        Or, if you want something simpler:

        Skeleton Krew

  1. I never had a console, so apart from the extremely obvious multiplayer staples (Streetfighter II, Micro Machines) I have no point of reference here.

    Without ever being a fan of the real thing, though, I did always have a curious fascination with those WWF wrestling tie-ins. Royal Rumble perhaps? Or whichever one is best (or worst).

    Other than that, I’d love to see some sports or racing around here. You could always finish Power Drive on a second system and increase my paranoia about how bad I was at that game…!

  2. Liberty or Death would be pretty interesting, I think…it’d be a good example of the depth KOEI went into in their strategy games without being entirely too overwhelming or too unfamiliar of a story to American gamers *cough* Romance of the Three Kingdoms *cough*.

  3. If it’s not too late, what about the “Strike” series? I mean “Desert Strike”, “Jungle Strike” or “Urban Strike”.

    You can pick one (no matter which, since they are similar) from that list.


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