Halloween 2011 Requests

We’ve done it every year, and 2011 will be no different:  a string of horror game reviews leading up to Halloween night.  And now that we have a good way to ask for them – are there any requests you’d like to see us include in this year’s list?  Remember that we’ve opened reviews up to more game systems than we’ve ever had before, so as long as the game fits the theme of Halloween (and is around early 2000s or earlier), then it’s eligible!

Let us know in the comments section!

11 thoughts on “Halloween 2011 Requests

  1. * Clock Tower
    * Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Comet, Prisoner of Ice, maybe that FPS Dark Corners of the Earth
    * Ripper (Big budget FMV game with Chris Walken? What could go wrong?)
    * Harvester (I remember reading about this game in PC Gamer and the controversy it was stirring that died out pretty quickly. It had some great dadgum hootenanny black humor)
    * Realms of the Haunting

    Also, I know it’s not horror but I keep wondering when you’ll get around to the Space Quest series since you’ve done King’s Quest. 🙂

  2. All excellent suggestions! I will have to look into which I can get, but that’s why I’m asking now 😛

    Well, I haven’t finished the King’s Quests, so there is that. Also, the original deal was that Static claimed Larry and Space Quest, and I took Police and King’s. I’ll have to see if he still has any time for them. The Zork series too, as I recall.

  3. The Electric Dreams version of Aliens? First person strategy, much like Space Hulk? (not the Activision minigame collection)

    The C64 version of Alien was incredibly tense as well, as I recall. Very true to the film.

  4. Hi, J Man!

    What about “Torment” (Interplay, 1999)? Then, you didn’t cover “Resident Evil” series, yet: that would be a good start!

    Then, there’s” The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery” – it seems good (at least, on paper).

  5. Though it’s already been requested, I’ll request again to emphasis how much I think it’d be cool to read: Resident Evil. It’d be a good excuse to fill up the slightly vacant PS1 slot!

  6. Something else that came to mind is Hugo’s House of Horrors. I remember in my middle school days when a friend got a PC and was showing me the game. Looking back it was unpolished but oh-so-strange when I was a Nintendo fanboy.

  7. Wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their suggestions. Hope you enjoyed reading the reviews that came, and if yours didn’t get picked – there’s always next year! (Ripper with Chris Walken is soooo happening at some point)

    Thanks again!

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