JGR For Mobile Browsers

Short note – we have enacted a plugin that should auto-detect if you’re using a mobile device and redirect you to a mobile-friendly version of the site.  If you have any issues with incorrect detection, slow loading on either version, or general comments about the layout, please let me know here.  Otherwise, enjoy the fruits of your unlimited data plan!*


*JGR does not condone nor recommend wasting valuable money on reading our crap

3 thoughts on “JGR For Mobile Browsers

  1. So, uh, how do I access this legendary mobile-friendly version? When I go to the site with my mobile device, I get the regular one. Which displays just fine, by the way, so I’m curious in what way the new one will be better…

    1. What’s the device? The detection is geared toward iOS and Android platforms, but I might be able to force more.

      This basically loads a different WordPress theme (based on the same content) upon detection, so there’s no separate “mobile” version of the site I can point you to. But if the original layout looks fine for you, that’s probably better. A lot of custom stuff (even scores) gets cut in the mobile layout.

  2. It’s this one: http://www.openpandora.org/

    In case the detection is based on the browser’s user agent string, it will be impossible to detect, though. I’m using exactly the same software on that device as on my desktop computer, so that string will be indistinguishable.

    Your description sounds like it will be no loss, though 🙂

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