New Layout for 2021

As you can see, we’ve switched layouts around again. This also comes with a much-needed new webhost and background security updates. For security reasons, I obviously didn’t want to advertise how rough things were, but we were tied to vastly outdated hardware and software for years under the previous host. In the process of getting that squared away, it was a perfect time to also address growing front end issues.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Site now uses SSL, per all professional recommendations, even though we don’t handle user or credit card data.
  • We’re now supporting Google “rich snippets,” so search results should look better and be more accurate.
  • You can now score your own rating for a title. Agree with us? Disagree? As with the comments, anyone can use them and no user data is stored.
  • Tweaks and improvements to the Review List page. This should give more ways to search.
  • The site natively supports mobile now instead of needing the WPTouch plugin. The big advantage here is that the search bar should be back.
  • Various outdated plugins are no longer needed, plus general tidying up. Site should hopefully kick along a little faster.

Ongoing is heading back to the earliest reviews and reformatting them for the new layout. It shouldn’t take much longer, but I’m running into quality issues (some reviews are crap) that are giving me kittens and making me want to rewrite all of them.

After that, there’s a number of older reviews that need new screenshots to meet updated requirements. A lot of which got simple (blurry) uprezes for the last site update which barely cut it even then. But this is a pretty daunting task, given that half the point of writing all these reviews is so I don’t have to go back and play the same games again to remember what I thought of them.

And of course, plans for reviews to keep on trucking. If you’re still with us and still reading, thank you so much for doing so! I hope you find the new layout to be an improvement!

Til next time!
-J Man

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