Welcome Uncle Dave!

Though the next post will make this tremendously, obviously clear, here’s a proper announcement:

First, our most-requested system has now been added. Hold on for Nintendo 64 reviews!  I have a sneaking suspicion this will all eventually result in me trawling Ebay for a physical system and games, but I will sacrifice for the cause. Even if it (likely) means re-buying all the stuff I sold years ago. Always just box up your games, kids. You’ll be back.

And to kick off these new reviews, I introduce you to Uncle Dave! He’s going to be writing for us, and making sure that it’s not just my blabbing all the time. Come meet him in the comments section, and join me in welcoming him aboard!

Finally, check out his inaugural contribution, a look at the beloved Goldeneye 007

We’ll be around with more reviews, same retro time, same retro channel.

6 thoughts on “Welcome Uncle Dave!

    1. Well, I’m already working on a second review, but after I bang that one out, I can get to requests.

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